The London Health Commission

This meeting took place on 9th April 2015 - the full meeting report is available to download

This meeting provided an opportunity to hear an introduction about the Commission and an overview of key issues and further action.

Presenters – 

Dr Marilena Korkodilos, Deputy Director, Specialist Public Health Services, PHE London (presentation here)
Professor Yvonne Doyle, Regional Director, PHE London (presentation here)

In addition to her role as Regional Director for PHE London, Professor Yvonne Doyle, is statutory health adviser to the Mayor of London and chaired one of the expert groups for the London Health Commission. Professor Doyle introduced the London Health Commission and explained the opportunities it has provided for young people in London. Dr Marilena Korkodilos provided the context for investing in Early Years, presenting opportunities for action and possible interventions in this area.

There was a broader discussion on public health in London and how partners from across the system can collaborate to improve outcomes for young people.

The full meeting report is available here. 

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