The Year of the Male

18th February 2014 A meeting report is available now

2014 The Year of the Male

77% of all suicides are male.  73% of adults who ‘go missing’ are men; 90% of rough sleepers are men; men are three times more likely than women to become alcohol dependent; men make up 94% of the prison population; men and boys from all backgrounds have shorter life expectancies than women and girls of the same background; boys are underperforming girls at every stage of education.

2014 The Year of the Male
A year-long exploration and celebration of what it means to be a man
London Funders is hosting this meeting with CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, to provide an opportunity for our members to be briefed on The Year of the Male campaign, and assist them in shaping the research they will undertake and the calls for change the campaign will make during the year by drawing on the knowledge of funders.

Whilst this meeting will be of interest to many funders it is particularly relevant to those with an interest in criminal and social justice, children and young people, education, and health & wellbeing.

CALM (which is supported by a number of London Funders) exists to prevent male suicide.  Every year in the UK, over 4,500 men kill themselves, with between three and four times as many male suicides as female suicides.  Suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged under 35.  CALM offers a free helpline, texting service and website for men who are down or depressed, and currently take around 25K calls a year.

In order to tackle the reasons why men are so much more likely to take their lives than women, CALM has launched 2014 as The Year of the Male,, starting by publishing a Charter for Contemporary Man, signed by a coalition of leading figures in the men’s movement. The Year of the Male will explore what it means to be a man, and encourage other organisations and individuals to join and actively look at how to improve the ways the needs of men and boys can be met. 

This meeting offered the opportunity to input into shaping these CALM activities:

  • A National Audit, looking at what men feel they can expect from their lives, what their aspirations are and in what ways they feel confined both practically and culturally in their personal and work life spheres.  
  • CALM want to find partners who will work with them to research why 3 to 4 times more men take their lives than women. 
  • CALM want to find partners who will work with them to refine 3 key changes which need to be made in the fields of law, education, health, work and family life and curate a session to test and debate such changes at the CALM Festival of Man event this summer.
  • Organisations and individuals are invited to make pledges on their site and commit to working to improve the lives of men and boys. 
  • CALM want to spend the latter half of the year showcasing men’s stories and ideally showing a richer, broader pictures of men’s lives so that men can feel more comfortable in leading the lives they want to lead.

Please find a full report from this meeting here