Workshop on Social Investment from a Grantee Perspective- 9th March

9:30-11:30am at London Funders London Funders 314 - 320 Grays Inn Road London WC1X 8DP

The purpose of the session was to allow organisations to  learn  more about social investment and whether it might be right for them. 

The workshop included a 2 hour interactive workshop, discussing: 

  • What social investment is, when, how and why might it be appropriate
    Organisations need to be in the 'right situation' (e.g. trading to a surplus) and asking the 'right questions' (i.e. having a strong business plan and cashflow forecasts). There also needs to be internal discussions within the organisation, and it would be beneficial to discuss social investment with funders.
  • What support is available to help organisations become investment ready
    There are 20+ capacity building funds, and this number is growing. 
  • What is the process that organisations can expect to go through in becoming investment ready
    For organisations to ready for social investment they need to be 'strengthened'(i.e. have a cohearant business plan), be engaged with the market (with strong project management) and be ready for transaction. 
  • Case studies of VCSEs that have been through the journey


If you would like to book a place onto this event, please email Geraldine