A Vision for Young Londoners

A vision statement developed through a cross-sector alliance

In a context of an emerging London economy and evolving political landscape locally and across the capital, there is a need and an opportunity for all agencies working with and for young people to have a shared vision for what a London that is great for all young people can and should look like. And, most importantly, how we can get there together.

A group of organisations co-ordinated by London Youth, Partnership for Young London and London Funders have launched a Vision for Young Londoners to 2025. Over 40 providers of housing, youth services, health education, sport and the arts have contributed to the Vision which was officially launched at the London Eye on Wednesday 15th July 2015.

The landmark Vision, drawn up with the input of youth agencies, schools, funders, local authorities, housing providers, sport and health organisations and the wider voluntary sector calls for collaboration across London to transform opportunities for young people.


A Vision for Young London to 2025, says young Londoners face challenges in almost every aspect of their lives – from poverty to poor housing and mental and physical health – but hold the key to London’s future success.

London Youth Chief Executive Rosie Ferguson said:
‘We’re launching this Vision today to set out what all of the organisations involved believe is a positive agenda for young people, and a call to action from policy makers, funders, business and anyone else who can help. The countdown to the 2016 Mayoral election offers a huge opportunity to put young people front and centre of how London grows and develops over the next 10 years. The test for all of us with an interest in supporting young people will be whether we’ve made a better city for them to thrive and prosper over the next 10 years.’

The Vision calls for collaboration across London to transform opportunities for young people.

A Vision for Young Londoners to 2025 calls for:

  • New platforms to engage all young Londoners, including Mayoral election votes for 16-year-olds, and other initiatives to give them a voice and genuine influence over their lives

  • Better and fairer health and education opportunities for young Londoners

  • Safer streets and play areas and better support for vulnerable young people

  • New partnerships between service deliverers which focus on young people with greatest need

  • Broader, sustainable career opportunities for young people which pay the London Living Wage

  • Better and more equal access to housing for young people

Sharon Long, Director of Partnership for Young London, said:

“For too long the organisations working with young people have felt themselves at the mercy of decisions about funding or investment which don’t always sit with our understanding of the priorities for young people. We came together to explore what was needed, and found so much common ground, across Local Authorities, policy-makers, formal and informal education, and organisations working in health, housing and social care. We are now calling on others to join us to help make the vision a reality.”

Zak Osman, 21, a young person who attends Wac Arts centre in Camden, said:

“Every young person will have their own idea of what London can offer them. For me, the future needs to be about achieving my goals in my career. There are going to be challenges: we need to be resilient, but it can be difficult to bounce back when things don't go the way you want them to. So we need services and organisations to support and challenge us when things are tough; and to be joined up, so they help us make and take advantage of opportunities. Together we can make London better for everyone.”

David Warner, Chief Executive of London Funders, said:

“Voluntary funders have been at the forefront of supporting young people in London for many years. More than ever, with public funding priorities so restricted, a new approach is needed, and we are asking real commitment from those in positions of influence to drive better outcomes for young people in London.”

We now want young people across the capital, and everyone involved in delivering all relevant services, to get involved in creating a blueprint for achieving the Vision’s goals.