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Previous meetings of our asylum, refugees and migration project group were chaired by Mubin Haq, Trust for London who continues to represent London Funders on the Mayor's London Strategic Migration Partnership


Current issues for migrants and refugees
The most recent London Funders’ event was an update for funders on the current issues for migrants and refugees and their support organisations, in December 2011. This session brought together funders from across the voluntary, public and private sectors to understandcurrent policy and practice, and where the pressure points are for individuals and the organisations which support them. Speakers were Matt Cavanagh, IPPR; Jill Rutter, Day Care Trust (see Jill's slides here); and Luljeta Nuzi and Esme Madill, Shpresa Programme (presentation here). Full report available here.

Meeting in partnership with the Employability Forum
A similar meeting took place in April 2010 organised in partnership with theEmployability Forum. It outlined the challenges then around asylum and refugees, highlighting likely changes in the next few years, including patterns of asylum flows, social cohesion issues, the impact of the recession and reductions in public spending. Briefings were also given on the policies of the major parties to help funders understand what could happen after the national election.
Download the Employability Forum's presentation  
Download IPPR's presentation
Download the 'Still Human Still Here' presentation

Irregular migrants
Professor Ian Gordon and Kathleen Bradley of the London School of Economics presented GLAEconomics research in 2009 on the economic impact on the London and UK economy of an earned regularisation of irregular migrants. The speakers helped the group to understand the complexity of differentiating and counting eligible groups, and shared some insights into the calculation of costs and benefits of a regularisation process.
Click here for the meeting presentation.

London Enriched
The Mayor’s Refugee Integration Strategy (December 2009) sees refugees and migrants living in security and dignity and sharing with all Londoners the same chances for a decent quality of life. London Enriched: Year 2 Implementation Plan came out in March 2011, identifying key areas for implementation under a series of headings, including English language tuition, employment skills and enterprise, community safety and cohesion.

London Strategic Migration Partnership
The Mayor’s work on migrants, refugees and asylum seekers is led by the London Strategic Migration Partnership (LSMP), chaired by Deputy Mayor, Richard Barnes. Its membership includes London Councils, Refugee Council, 3SA, NHS London, Skills Funding Agency, UKBA, Met Police, JCP, TUC, London First, London Funders and representation from the Mayor's Refugee Advisory Panel (MRAP).
Mubin Haq, Director of Policy & Grants for Trust for London, represents London Funders on the Board and on its Community Development and Participation working group. He uses the opportunity to provide feedback to the LSMP as to how funders might react/view some of its proposed activities, which are outlined in London Enriched and include housing, health and children and young people .

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