2012 November - Personalisation in adult social care

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London Funders convened a meeting of funders to provide an update on progress in the personalisation agenda and to explore the continuing implications for funders and for the voluntary organisations adapting to change.

Zoë Garbett, Commissioning Manager (Procurement and Market Development),Adult Commissioning, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
 Zoë gave an overview of the personalisation agenda and addressed issues from the perspectives of the service user, provider and commissioner. She gave examples of how Barking and Dagenham organisations are adapting to the agenda including the development of a peer brokerage service and partnership workings.
See  Zoë's slides here.
• Kiran Patel, Organisation & Market Development Manager and Richard Elphick, Micro- provider Programme Co-ordinator, London Borough of Camden
Kiran and Richard shared Camden's user empowered model which has sought to encourage the development of micro providers. Work started in 2011 and entailed lots of capacity building to ensure organisations understood what personalisation was. Examples of user led club's and dance therapy services proved how successful personalisation can be to reducing isolation and addressing the needs of marginalised groups, however they were keen to point out challenges: safeguarding, financial cuts to discretionary services and a tension between supporting those with increased needs and those with general support.
Both boroughs argued that the personalisation is likely to continue to grow and that independent funders remain vital to helping voluntary organisations transition to this agenda.

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