The Possible not the Perfect - Member Workshop

12 Jul 2018
314-340 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8DP
Members were invited to attend a practical session on progressing practical recommendations from the ‘The Possible, Not the Perfect’ report. 
In response to three different emergencies during Summer 2017 funders dispensed with ‘business as usual’ in order to provide urgent support to community organisations and services. We looked at what they did differently; what we can learn about responding effectively in an emergency; and what opportunities there may be for day-to-day grant-making practices. 
The collaborative programmes we looked at demonstrate that it is possible for funders to step outside their normal way of working. Most notably participating funders had:
• Commitment to speed
• Light-touch application and monitoring
• Managing risk through relationships
• Collaborative delivery and delegated decision-making
• Flexible funding
This member workshop provided an opportunity for funders to look at embedding these changes in everyday practice.