Member Session - Exploring the New World

02 Jul 2019
45 White Lion St, The Angel, London N1 9PW

Following the launch of “Exploring the new world, practical insights for funding, commissioning and managing in complexity” we hosted a member session with report author Toby Lowe to hear learning from practical examples of how organisations, funders and commissioners are fundamentally rethinking their design and delivery of support.  This involves taking a Human Leaning Systems approach which responds to community variety, uses learning to enable performance improvement, and looks after the health of systems which create social outcomes.

Through the event members had the opportunity to learn, reflect and consider the questions:

1) What does it require of a funder to work in a Human, Learning, Systems (HLS) way?
2) How can funders learn and reflect on their HLS practice together?
3) What role can funders play in helping to build a movement for the HLS approach? 

You can access the presentation, by Dr Toby Lowe, here.