Mayoral Manifesto Meeting

19 Sep 2019
Lift Islington, 45 White Lion Street, London N1 9PW

Despite the media's focus on national (and international...) politics, it is vital that London's civil society keeps informed of potential regional political changes. Ahead of the Mayoral and London Assembly elections in May 2020, London Funders will be compiling a civil society manifesto for the main political parties to influence and shape their thinking. This will be based on our members views on the Mayor's role in philanthropy and feedback from grantees on the needs of the sector over the next four years. 

This event provided our members the opportunity to feed in directly their views on our manifesto, and to have an engaged, strategic discussion on the role that the Mayor and the Greater London Authority need to play to ensure that local civil society thrives in the 2020s.

More information will be available soon.