Launch Event: Strategic Funding of Immigration Advice

London Funders have been working with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the GLA and the Justice Together Initiative to develop a strategy for funding of immigration advice in London.
30 Jun 2021

Not all Londoners have the rights and entitlement afforded to British Citizens. Over one third (37%) of Londoners were born outside of the UK, and over half (54%) of Londoners born abroad don’t hold a British passport - including many European Union citizens who no longer have freedom of movement.

Limited access to good immigration advice will increase demand and exacerbate hardship in connected sectors that funders actively support such as children and young people, families, poverty, employment, education, domestic abuse, health, homelessness, criminal justice and strong communities.  In effect, if you are a funder in London, poor access to immigration advice is likely to be impacting on your area of interest, and you can’t afford to ignore it.

Despite a wide gap between demand and current supply, there is the potential to transform the capacity of a skilled, committed and creative sector at a time when many more Londoners will come into contact with the hostile environment. Our vision is a robust and sustainable immigration advice sector which is able to meet the needs of all Londoners, and can contribute its experience and expertise to policy-making to build a fairer and more effective immigration system for all.  

The launch event was an opportunity for funders to hear about 'A Strategy for Funding Immigration Advice in London' in more detail. Attenndees took part in an interactive discussion on how funders can best support coordinated, strategic and long-term funding of immigration advice in London. Click here for presentation slides, and do get in touch with Geraldine Blake if you would like to discuss the strategy in more detail.