Housing and Homelessness Network

03 Dec 2019
The Arc Centre, 98b St Paul St, Islington, London N1 7DF

After listening to feedback from members, London Funders has established a new Housing and Homelessness Network. We recognise that homelessness is a systems-change issue which requires cross-sector funder collaboration, and that London is uniquely affected by the housing crisis. This network is chaired by Amy Doyle (Deputy Chief Executive, Commonweal Housing).

This meeting covered the important topic of barriers to housing. Bob Green (Chief Executive, Stonewall Housing) spoke about  LGBTQ Housing as well as domestic abuse and the extra barriers that LGBT communities face in obtaining housing. Jacob Quagliozzi (Director - England, Housing Justice) will presented on grassroots night shelter projects in London and best practice for funders in this area. Furthermore he explained who is accessing these services, and importantly who isn't. 

Click here for Bob's presentation, and here for Jacob's. Click here for notes from the meeting.