Hot and Cold Spots - Collaboration Roundtable

05 Jun 2019
2 Temple Pl, Temple, London WC2R 3BD
Many of London Funders’ members have shared the challenges in getting grants into London’s ‘cold spots’. Funders are aware of the need for support for community organisations within these areas and would like to respond to this need while at the same time ensuring their funding continues to fit within their own strategic priorities.  
Following on from our Hot and Cold Spots event in March, we’d like to invite you to a roundtable meeting to consider one possible response. This roundtable will explore a potential pilot Cold Spot Collaboration (CSC) delivered with our member, The Fore, which could provide a low-cost, effective way for multiple funders to work together to get grants and skills into community organisations in funding cold spots.  

To book your place, please contact Geraldine