Disaster fund skills workshop

01 Jul 2019
45 White Lion St, The Angel, London N1 9PW
At the disaster fund skills workshop, funders will have the opportunity to come together with other experienced grant-making professionals to explore the learning from grant-making in disasters and emergencies in the UK, with a view to being part of a cohort of grant-makers across the UK who can support funding in future emergency situations in the UK based on a shared understanding of what’s needed.
The workshop will focus on sharing accounts and key learning from those who have been active in responding to disasters and emergencies in recent years, rather than a honed skills masterclass, with plenty of time to ask questions and discuss.  Over the course of the session you will hear some of the learning and insights from people involved in disaster funding to individuals, get access to the tools that were used, and meet others with direct experience or seeking to become part of a cohort of people who will be able to offer support and assistance in the event of a future disaster.You will join an evolving conversation as well as gaining the practical knowledge, ideas and resources to be involved in this work if needed in the future.
The workshop will be delivered by staff from the London Emergencies Trust and will focus on the main types of grant making to individuals: (a) those bereaved (b) those injured (including psychological injury); and (c) those displaced, lost livelihoods or otherwise experiencing hardship as a result of an incident.
Following the workshop, we will connect you to the new National Emergencies Trust so that you can keep abreast of their work in this field, including future opportunities to come together and further develop skills together.
Email Grace to book a place.