'Collaborating in Place' Conference

17 Mar 2020
Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, 108 Stamford St, Lambeth, London SE1 9NH

Funders in London have an interest in place – not only funders that are rooted in place, but also national and regional funders who recognise that change happens at a local level. London Funders supports a variety of work in place in London Boroughs – supporting local forums for funders, facilitating the Borough Grants Officers Forum, and delivering the London’s Giving project which supports a network of 21 place based giving schemes.

What we’ve learned from the place-based giving model is that that this is much more than just another way of raising funds and giving grants locally, it’s about changing HOW people work together across sectors and with communities to deliver real change.  We’ve learned about the added value of connecting the voices of local people and the illuminating of local issues to the raising and sharing of resources. We’ve learned that this approach must respond to local conditions and assets and that collaborations will be different in different places. And we’ve learned about the amount and length of investment that doing this well requires. Our evidence base about what works can inform emerging funder collaborations in London’s cold spots.

The event will:

  • Provide a space to share learning on collaborating in place between practitioners, funders and policy makers;
  • Launch our publication on the learning from place based giving in London;
  • Profile existing place based approaches in London and identify new opportunities;
  • Debate the challenges and opportunities of place based collaborations, within the complexity of London’s local environments;
  • If place based collaborative approaches have the potential to deliver real change locally, be clear about the resources and investment required from all stakeholders and seek commitment to work in a long term and systemic way.

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