Children and Young People Network Meeting

12 Sep 2019
Better Bankside | 18 Great Guildford Street (junction with Zoar Street), London SE1 0FD

Our children and young people meeting focused on contextual safeguarding. Contextual Safeguarding has been developed by Carlene Firmin at the University of Bedfordshire over the past six years to inform approaches to safeguarding adolescents. It is an approach to understanding, and responding to, young people’s experiences of significant harm beyond their families. It recognises that the different relationships that young people form in their neighbourhoods, schools and online can feature violence and abuse. Parents and carers have little influence over these contexts, and young people’s experiences of extra-familial abuse can undermine parent-child relationships.

Carlene was joined by Melissa Ireland (Contextual Safeguarding Manager, LB Merton) and Ben Lindsay (Chief Executive, Power to Fight) - both explained how they apply the contextual safeguarding approach to their day-to-day work and how funders might incorporate the approach in their work. 

Click here for Carlene's presentation, here for Melissa's presentation, here for Ben's presentation and here for the meeting notes.