Brexit - Citizens' rights and settlement

16 Oct 2019
Lift Islington, 45 White Lion Street, London N1 9PW

We've been surveying members about how prepared they are for Brexit, whether they have seen any positive or negative impacts related to Brexit already, and what is on their radar in relation to Brexit developments - especially given that a no deal is looking increasingly likely. 

We also asked what members would like London Funders to do to help them prepare for all circumstances, so in response to feedback we’re launching a series of roundtable meetings for funders to connect with the people involved in policy, planning or preparedness on the issues identified, to help better understand the issues and how they may affect communities, and to begin to plan for how we may need to respond as a community of funders to support Londoners through the period ahead. We will continue to add to this programme in response to member feedback. 

Yolande Burgess (London Councils) presented on Citizens Rights and settlement, and the policy role of London Councils. 

Notes will be available soon.