Update on the Grenfell Fire Response for London Funders Members

From David Warner, Director of London Funders
Dear colleague,
In response to the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower, a large number of funding, fundraising and grant-giving organisations are now working together to ensure that money and grants can be quickly and effectively distributed to the affected residents and those best placed to support them. This includes monies being raised by the British Red Cross, the Evening Standard, the public and pledges by a large number of Independent Trusts and Foundations. London Funders has been asked by the Grenfell Fire Response Team (which includes London-wide local and regional government, central government, British Red Cross, Metropolitan Police and London Fire Brigade) to support the co-ordination of this activity. In addition the London Emergencies Trust has been asked by the British Red Cross to support the distribution of their appeal, and is building up its capacity to act with support from Trust for London and City Bridge Trust.
London Funders members Kensington & Chelsea Foundation and the London Community Foundation (working with the Dispossessed Appeal with the Evening Standard) have already started making payments to individual families and local front-line organisations.
Other London Funders members with good & long-standing links to the area are actively engaging with organisations and community leaders to start building up an initial picture of some of the medium and longer term needs that the community are identifying. John Lyon’s, whose focus is Children & Young People, has been actively working since Wednesday to build up a good picture of what might be needed in the months ahead. Supported by London Funders, they are hosting a meeting with Trusts & Foundations to feedback initial thoughts and to start identify the resources that will be required. If any other Trust & Foundation would like to be involved please contact the London Funders office.
London Funders is clear that the way forward must be through community involvement and consultation together with a clear, coordinated and transparent funding process. We will work with our members and others in London to make this happen.
Finally, thank you to all of you that have already been in contact with offers of help and resources. We are logging all these and will be getting back to you in the days ahead to keep you informed of how your help can be applied to best effect.
With very best wishes