An update and briefing on behalf of the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation

A blog from David Warner, Director of London Funders

I’ve just returned from a meeting with one of our members, the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, to discuss the current state of play following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower earlier this week. They have asked if London Funders would update our membership on their behalf.

Firstly, they have been greatly strengthened by the offers of support and help that many of you have already made, and have asked that you bear with them if they are not able to respond as quickly as they would like. As you will all appreciate it’s a very complex picture at the moment and they are working flat out to starting making some initial distributions of funds to those directly affected this weekend. They are also working closely with other local organisations to co-ordinate practical support and help.

I know that a number of our members have also made offers of longer-term more strategic support to help with the very challenging community re-building and support that is going to be needed in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Again K&C Foundation have asked me to pass on their really grateful thanks, they have also asked if London Funders will work with them to help convene conversations to try and bring those offers together in as collaborative away as possible. Inevitably it is going to take a short while before they can focus much on the medium to long term, given how pressing the immediate challenges are. I will be in touch separately with those of you that have already offered your help, and in the meantime if any other members want to be included please do get in touch.

Finally, the volume of money that is being raised and the level of grant making that is going to be needed over the months ahead means that the Foundation will need to increase their grant making capacity. So they would welcome any offers of help that any of you might be able to make, either by way of secondment or suggestions as to people that they could consider approaching. I have offered London Funders to act as a clearing house for this, so again please do get in contact with me if you might be able to help.

I should also mention that the London Emergencies Trust (of which London Funders is Company Secretary) have also been heavily involved in supporting K&C Foundation, and are also working closely with the British Red Cross on helping to support the co-ordination of funds being raised and the collaboration required in their distribution.