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External Publications

Discharging older patients from hospital
National Audit Office (May 2016)
This report finds that, while some efforts to rectify the situation have been made, an ageing population and more older people being admitted to hospital means there needs to be a step-change in performance to resolve the problem.

The economic contribution of older Londoners
Alasdair Barrett (2013)
This report attempts to identify, quantify and value the economic contribution made by older Londoners through their paid work, caring roles and volunteering. Direct any queries about this research to GLA economics

Older people's prevention services: local authority and third sector perspectives 
NIHR School for Social Care Research (SSCR) (2013)
This research report finds that third sector organisations (TSOs) have historically played a significant role in the delivery of adult social care.  TSOs remain a popular choice with local authority commissioners as providers of preventative services. Recent research has identified positive aspects within the current arrangements but also gaps in setting and understanding outcomes, and a reliance on personal relationships within the commissioning process.

Recent trends in life expectancy at older ages
Public Health England (February 2016)
Life expectancy at older ages in England has risen to its highest-ever level. Men can now expect to live for a further 19 years at age 65, 12 years at 75, 6 years at 85 and 3 years at 95, while women can expect to live for a further 21 years at age 65, 13 years at 75, 7 years at 85, and 3 years at 95.