Early Action and Prevention

Resources and publications about early action and prevention

Local early action: how to make it happen
New Economics Foundation (November 2015)
The Southwark and Lambeth Early Action Commission Report aims to make preventing harm the driving force behind local policy and practice. It says many of our biggest societal challenges – from childhood obesity to violent crime – are preventable. Local authorities should shift spending 'upstream' to focus on preventative measures, rather than acute care. The Early Action Commission identifies four goals designed to address local problems, cut costs, and improve the wellbeing of local residents.

Local early action: lessons from the UK’s first Early Action Commission
Community Links and the New Economics Foundation (April 2016)
This briefing sets out what can be done at a local level to promote early action. The aim is to reduce demand for crisis-oriented statutory services and to generate long-term savings.

A rough guide to early action: Seven stories of how society is acting earlier
Community Links Early Action Task Force (April 2016)
This report showcases seven stories of projects or services from across the UK that are acting earlier in dealing with social problems.

Transforming rehabilitation
National Audit Office (April 2016)
Probation services have been restructured on time and within cost targets during a period of major change but operational problems and risks to further service transformation need to be resolved if re-offending levels are to reduce.

Youth Justice Review
Ministry of Justice (February 2016)

Plans to transform youth custody in England and Wales have been set out by child behavioural expert and former head teacher, Charlie Taylor. He has recommended that young offenders should serve their sentences in secure schools rather than youth prisons.