What’s Next for Place-Based Funding in London?

We've commisioned a paper on the context, challenges and opportunities for place-based funding in the capital.

Place and place-based work is ‘having a moment’ in the social and philanthropic sectors, but it has been a core component of the work that London’s funders have been doing for many years.

London is a city with many ways to think about and apply the concept of Place, and there are many examples from the London Funders membership of cutting-edge approaches to place-based change. But the capital is also a city that is not currently the focus of government interest, and a city that, because of its size, economic weight and hyper-connectivity, does not neatly break-down into defined and contained places.

London can feel less relevant to place-discourse, and the concept of Place can feel harder to use in the capital. But the fact that London is different to other parts of the UK doesn’t mean that Place can’t be a useful concept in some cases. Place-based approaches have been and are continuing to make a difference for London.

As we launch our Advisory Group on Place, London Funders has commissioned Renaisi to think through ‘What next for ‘place’ in the capital’s funding landscape?’ The paper poses questions throughout that funders, and others, can ask of themselves and their work to help with deciding if Place is the right tool for the job.

Click here to read the paper in full.