Research and Evaluation meeting - 5th June 2014

A meeting report is now available

This session allowed for reflection and future planning.

Future Learning
In this this session there was be an opportunity to reflect on the topics covered by this forum over the past 18 months, with the intent of then casting our sights forward to emerging developments in the world of evaluation, learning & research that we’d like to learn more about.  This was a chance for people to participate in an open discussion about their experiences, learning and challenges – whether strategic or practical features of research and evaluation – the planning, the methods, analysing it all or turning evidence into action. 

The aim is to use this discussion to help target future speakers and topics based on the thoughts and interests of the people and organisations this forum supports.

A summary of the 2013/ 2014 meetings is available here, and the reports can still be found on our website if there is anything you would like to look back over or reflect on.

A full meeting report can be found here.