Research and Evaluation meeting - 4th December

A meeting report is now available

This meeting featured the following presentations: 

Grantee reporting
Nissa Ramsay and Peter Argall, Comic Relief explained their approach to grantee reporting, including their new beneficiary categories and why they now only ask for a concise summary of achievements against outcome. They outlined how the increasing amount of useful data created by these reports (and their online application system) is creating new types of questions and demands for outcomes data and the challenges and opportunities this is creating.

Analysing qualitative data
The second session featured BBC Children in Need, as since going online with its reporting almost two years ago they have accumulated vast amounts of narrative from grantees about the issues they address and the differences they make. In this session Nicole Schmiedefeld talked about the journey she has been on in beginning to bring these qualitative data to life using analytical software NVIVO. She outlined her experience in utilising reporting information from grantees who work with children with experience of neglect and what learning was gained from this for BBC Children in Need.

A full meeting report is now available here