Research and Evaluation meeting - 10th February 2015

A meeting report is now available

This session was led by Ben Cairns from IVAR (Institute for Voluntary Action Research, ) who presented on the integration of evaluative information (including reporting and monitoring, knowledge management and organisational learning) into funding organisations to inform decision making. 

The principles and practices of strategic learning formed the focus of the inaugural gathering of the UK Evaluation Roundtable in March 2014, and Ben used this London Funders session to re-emphasise the learning points and discussion from that event.  This included highlighting the necessary tools, systems and culture to embed strategic learning effectively.  Following a presentation by Ben, the remainder of the session was used to share and explore the challenges of nurturing learning cultures so that strategic decisions would be meaningfully influenced by evaluative information.

The slides from this meeting are available here. 

The full meeting report is available here