What we achieved in 2019

It did feel like we packed a lot in...

  • We’ve run 38 member events (including our first annual Big Network Day where we convened 150 people from across London’s funding community to discuss the issues that matter to our city),
  • We’ve published three reports highlighting best practice for funders,
  • We’ve sent 49 Funder Fives (and one 'Three for Thursday')
  • We’ve established an online funder forum for our local authority members
  • We’ve promoted place-based giving at a national level through the London’s Giving initiative
  • We’ve supported continued collaboration for The Way Ahead,
  • We have worked with our friends at 360 Giving to strengthen understanding of London’s funding ecology through conducting our first review of our members, to inform joint working,
  • And we’ve engaged on behalf of London’s communities on relevant bodies, including the GLA’s Violence Reduction Unit.

We also excitingly hired Grace as new Office Manager/Executive Assistant. She has revolutionised the organisational capacity of the London Funders team. Sara Cooney (Lloyds Bank Foundation) and Emma Ackerman (National Lottery Community Fund) have joined the London Funders board as well. 

We've also welcomed new members in 2019. They are: