London Funders Strategy 2018-21

We are delighted to publish the completed London Funders 2018-21 strategy document. 
In this strategy London Funders aims to enable the funding community in London to support communities to face the challenges, and seize the opportunities, of the changing environment in the coming years we will focus on:
  • setting out practically how funders can work differently so that the issues facing Londoners are addressed more effectively;
  • playing a key role in creating new frameworks for civil society which enable a more resilient an sustainable London where individuals and communities thrive; and
  • working across the funding community to redefine the relationships between the public, privateand charitable sectors to support a fairer and more cohesive London.
  • Whilst working towards our ambitions we will also maintain our agility – responding to events and developments as they arise in London, to ensure we are effective at addressing emerging needs.

To read the strategy in full, click here, or click here for a succinct one-sider.