Developing our strategy 2018-2021

What we’re doing…

We’re developing our new strategy for 2018-2021 – we’ve got a first draft ready, and would really value your feedback to help us to set off in the right direction.

What we’d like to hear from you…

We’re ambitious about the future, but also recognise that we need to remain focused and deliver the high quality work that our members and partners expect from us.  We’ll always work to use our resources well, though some areas of this strategy will require additional investment to deliver.  Recognising this, we’re keen to know what in this strategy you’d like us to prioritise, and where you think there are ideas that are “nice to have” rather than crucial to our work.

We’ve developed this strategy through talking to our network groups, members, and wider group of partners and stakeholders to get their insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead.  We’ve also reflected on learning from our recent work.  There will be things that we’ve missed, or ideas you have about how we can develop our thinking further.  We’re open to ideas about what you’d like to see us add to the strategy, as well as where you think we need to clarify what we’re looking to do.

We’ve heard loud and clear that people value the cross-sector and collaborative approach that London Funders offers for all our members, and have sought to embed this throughout our strategy for the years ahead.  We’re open to ideas about how we can strengthen our cross-sector offer further, and to feedback if you think there are areas of this strategy that should be delivered by other people.  We’ll explore further partnership opportunities based on your suggestions.

We’ll be developing a membership strategy that sits alongside this plan, to broaden our network by bringing in new groups and people into the membership who can help us to achieve our ambition.  Do let us know if you have thoughts on new categories of membership we should explore, or if there are things we can do for you as members that would help to strengthen your work.

We know that we’ve been working on this document for a while, and that we need constructively critical friends to help us.  If you’ve got ideas, suggestions, comments or thoughts that don’t fit in the questions we’ve picked out above, then please let us know.  We’re only effective when we’re working well together with our members and partners, so all your feedback is welcome!


Click here to read the full strategy, and to provide feedback please email James