Other London News November 2017

Air quality research – London Councils, October 2017

Londoners are increasingly concerned about the impact of air pollution on their health, new polling data shows, with a greater proportion of respondents saying that air quality affects the daily decisions they make.

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City of London Economic Research: Thoughts and opinions on issues affecting the City economy, London and related research – City of London< October 2017

In previous blogs we have looked at jobs growth in London and beyond, noting that nearly 663K, or almost two thirds of financial services (FS) jobs were based outside of London. This blog sets out where these FS jobs are concentrated across the country and the capital using the latest Business Register and Employee Survey (BRES) data which was published earlier this month.

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DEBATE: Should the government tackle poverty by compelling firms in the capital to pay the London Living Wage? – City AM, October 2017

Should the government tackle poverty by compelling firms in the capital to pay the London Living Wage?

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Jim Minton- 3 Things I've Learned this Week - Toynbee Hall, October 2017

Starting my first week at Toynbee Hall, I’ve had many helpful and revealing insights from the team about how and where we need to focus our efforts to help people to find ways out of poverty. The range and depth of experience I’ve encountered has been very powerful, and I’ve already been exposed to an incredible amount of knowledge and learning, delivered in a welcoming and generous way.

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London’s buses are losing passengers – The Economist, October 2017

Buses are the busiest mode of transport in the capital. Two-thirds more journeys are taken on them than on the Underground. Until 2014 passenger numbers had been growing steadily for about a decade. But in the past three years they have fallen by about 6%. The decline comes even as the capital’s population continues to grow and employment rises. Whereas more people travel on the Tube and the Docklands Light Railway, they are stepping off the buses.

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London Datastore and Dashboard Update- GLA, October 2017

Datastore highlights this month:

GLA Economics gave a presentation on how big data is being used to plan for council tax reform. Read about the full conference here.

Some interesting findings from the London Dashboard

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London’s Economy Today – GLA, October 2017

  • UK economic growth remains weak
  • Speculation about future UK interest rate rises intensifies
  • Mixed signals for London’s economy

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The London Intelligence – Issue 2 – Centre for London, October 2017

Welcome to the second issue of The London Intelligence, Centre for London’s quarterly review of the state of the city. Each issue takes a detailed look at five themes, analysing the most up-to-date data and highlighting emerging trends. This issue also takes a look at recent eduction data, across six indicators.

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London set for £240m public spending boost through higher business rates – Evening Standard, October 2017

London could see a public spending boost of £240m next year after mayor Sadiq Khan agreed a plan to retain more of the money collected in business rates.

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Outer London families hit by Brexit squeeze as pay rises just 1.2 per cent -  Evening Standard,

The scale of the Brexit squeeze on millions of families in the suburbs was exposed today by official figures showing that pay rose just 1.2 per cent in outer London last year.

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Rise in London stabbings sends UK's knife crime rate to six-year high – Evening Standard, October 2017

The surging number of stabbings in London has sent knife crime nationwide to its highest level in more than six years — with a 26 per cent leap in offences.

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 ‘The main challenge is how we get London to collaborate better’ – city’s first CDO Blackwell unveils top priorities – Public Technology, October 2017

Five weeks after taking on role as capital’s first-ever chief digital officer, Theo Blackwell unveils his three top priorities

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Think Manufacturing in London is no More? Think Again – RSA, October 2017

Among London’s rich history of trade and finance it is easy to forget that it was once an industrial city. The clothing, leather, hat and shoemaking industries were important to the East End, and other industries from watches and precision engineering in Clerkenwell, to shipbuilding on the Thames, to motor vehicles in Vauxhall, have come and gone from the metropolis.

But surely that is all in the past?

Well, not really. This blog explores what the data tells us about manufacturing in London today.  

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Tackling health inequalities in London – First Steps, October 2017

A number of factors impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals which means that some people experience poorer health and health outcomes than others. This briefing will give an overview of health inequalities in London, evidence on ethnic health inequalities, and outline relevant policies and the regional strategy to address these issues.

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