Richard Reeve's Foundation

Hear from one of our newest members...

Richard Reeve died in 1702 and left property which became the endowment of this Foundation. For centuries it has been a grantmaker supporting education and has extended from the City to include the boroughs of Camden, the City of London and Islington. Their grants total some £400,000 per year, broadly helping children and young people to get the most from their education or to prepare for work. Their current themes are literacy and numeracy, preparation for work and protection and development, especially to help children up to key stage 2 and young people in further education or long-term unemployed. “Helping young people stay on course” is the Foundation’s strapline.

The Foundation joined London Funders to increase their opportunities to network with funders in the sector. Shirley Scott, who at present comprises the whole staff team, says there are two options when you are on your own – you could “hide in a corner and fudge it, but I’d rather get out and have some fun while learning”. We second that!