Richard Cloudesley's Charity

March member focus

Richard Cloudesley's Charity works only in Islington - in fact only in the northern half of the Borough. Keith Wallace, the Charity’s Administrator, gives an overview of its policies and grantmaking and why it feels now is a essential time to be part of the London Funders network:

We award about £600,000 each year. Half of this goes to health needs which we tackle through three programmes of which the real key is our "Welfare" fund run through our Almoner, Chris Hobbs. This gives quick grants of equipment or cash. Before any award, we will have visited every applicant - or our partner referring bodies have - and seen that their entitlement to benefits has been checked and optimised. In this way "our" applicants receive extra funds far above what our programme itself disburses.

The virtuous pantograph 
Just like the child's pantograph - which allows you to scale a small drawing up to a larger size - our Welfare grants achieve even more. They provide key views into what the real needs are and where need is greatest in the Borough. This gives us the insight to set up "Pro-active" projects, completely confident that the purpose is known, necessary and focused. It also gives Borough-wide intelligence which helps us to make, with some assurance, choices amongst the excellent voluntary bodies we fund through our "Health " grants .  Our theme is "local support, for local causes, with local volunteers".

Churches and community 
The other half of our grants go to a closed group of local churches. These have been increasing their own focus on service to the community outside worship - and we are developing policies to encourage and fund them as these wider purposes unfold. Our funds come from the generous bequest of a field in Islington in 1518 - and we still run a mixed tenure estate where once vegetables were grown for Tudor Londoners.

Our Chair, Dorothy Newton, was keen to join London Funders since our Board Members have already shamelessly taken advantage of LF's work. Islington charities are trying to work together - there is a wonderful umbrella called "Islington Giving" - so keeping in close touch with other funders is essential.

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