London Living Wage

We are pleased to announce that London Funders is now an accredited Living Wage Employer.

The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, based on the cost of living in the UK. The Living Wage campaign has been running for ten years and has lifted over 10,000 people out of poverty. In a separately calculated London Living Wage it recognises the higher cost of living here.

Gaynor Humphreys, Director, said: "London Funders is proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer. We are a tiny employer but we are glad to have the opportunity to show our support for this important campaign and we will keep on encouraging  our members to follow suit."

Rhys Moore Director of the Living Wage Foundation said: "The benefits the Living Wage brings to staff and business are clear. I welcome the leadership shown by NCVO on this important issue."

To find out more about becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer see