Get Connected

SCIE’s grants programme broke new ground in process and outcomes

Users of social care services are frequently digitally excluded. If they are resident in a care or nursing home there is likely to be limited access (if any) to ICT. Many people receiving domiciliary care are likely to be in the most excluded group - people of pension age in lower income groups. Staff working in care services often have limited access to ICT, although there is a wealth of online learning and information resources available. Being able to communicate freely, whatever your age or disability, should be considered a basic outcome for adult social care users and carers. 

Get Connected set out to do three things:

1.         To offer grant funding to small independent sector adult social care providers to improve their access to ICT and the equipment they had available. 

2.         To improve the link between social care and ICT, through partnership working, in particular to provide information on ICT set ups, identify trusted suppliers and help care providers to get started in using ICT.

3.         To embed access to ICT as an expected standard for social care providers to adopt.

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