Capital Action

This meeting introduced ShareAction's new initiative

This meeting introduced the initiative and explained how asset owners can get involved. You can find on this page a summary of the initiative, and the documents below are available to be downloaded.

The full presentation from the meeting 

An outline of Capital Action 

Purpose of the meeting

London Funders hosted this meeting to introduce ShareAction’s new initiative, sponsored by Trust for London. The project recognises that London is a city unique for its combination of established financial institutions and social inequality. Whilst many organisations undertake activities specifically addressing the latter, recognising that investments are an equally vital arena for bringing public benefit is as yet underdeveloped.

‘Capital Action’ seeks to remedy this with minimal burden to asset owners and maximum impact on the ground. The project provides interested charity, faith, individual, and local government asset owners with regular and prudent opportunities to use their voice as shareholders of companies with major London operations. These companies’ impacts on the capital may be negative, or indeed, may be latent positive impacts which simply need a nudge in the right direction.

By taking on the time and resource-intensive aspects of researching the issues and engaging with such companies, ShareAction will facilitate the effective collaboration of London’s asset owners to encourage best practice in the corporate sphere. Themes with the potential to both improve the capital’s wellbeing and protect returns will form the focus of the initiative, such as living wages, on which investor engagement has already raised thousands above the poverty line over the past 3 years; it can do the same with a London focus. Other likely topics include human trafficking, apprenticeships, and air quality. Investors can select which themes to be involved in according to their organisational salience, and similarly can retain control over their degree of involvement, which will range from lighter (such as signing on to collaborative letters to companies) to more intensive (such as meeting with company executives). 

Raising concerns or pushing for best practice, and doing so collaboratively to magnify impact, can create real and lasting change as ShareAction has seen over the past decade of working in this space.
This event introduced the project, its key themes and methods, and provided attending asset owners with an early opportunity to get involved.

Contact Emily Kenway for more information on the initiative or to get involved.