Shabana Aslam

VCS Funding and Commissioning Partnerships Manager, London Borough of Islington

Shabana is VCS Funding and Commissioning Partnerships Manager at the London Borough of Islington.  She manages delivery of the VCS Partnerships Grant Programme which launches 1 January 2021 and sees £2.7m of funding per annum to organisations working in the voluntary and community sector in Islington.  She also works with other funders, key partners and the VCS to support development, innovation and growth, ensuring that communities are able to be empowered, resilient and remain independent.

Prior to working in the VCS Development team, Shabana was Co-production lead for transformation in another London borough, working to ensure community involvement in service review, design and delivery.  This involved collaboration with key partners including the CCG, NHS and civil society to establish innovative ways of working together to effect systems change.  She has also worked in community development on the ground in area's of London most affected by inequality, poverty and crime working to bring together local authorities, partners, the sector and residents to plan and implement initiatives which can bring about positive change.