Edith Galliers

Edith Galliers has been the Head of Policy Equalities and Communities for the LB of Redbridge since 2017. Having begun her career in Local Government 15 years ago Edith has held roles working in community development and neighbourhood management, working with local communities to co design solutions to their priorities and provide a voice for the seldom heard, working in both Northamptonshire and LB Barking and Dagenham. Edith uses this as an essential foundation within her current role where she is the lead officer responsible for providing the Council with policy advice across a range of areas; driving innovation, improvement and a can do culture; overseeing the corporate community sector grants programme, building relationships to enhance and empower the local community and voluntary sector; ensuring that the Council meets all of its equality duties and has a positive and responsive relationship with its residents, voluntary groups and communities; delivers significant corporate programmes including, UNICEF Child Friendly Borough, Census, Climate Crisis and acting as the Council’s statutory scrutiny officer to ensure an effective scrutiny service is run.

By working as a trustee with London Funders Edith hopes to bring her experience to the table working in the third most diverse borough in the country, with small to micro voluntary and community sector organisations to help inform the discussions about the complexities of funding in London and how to support those most in need. Edith is keen to learn from her colleagues and expand her understanding of the regional funding sector so that she can use this learning to inform the work that she does both in Redbridge and regionally.