25% of the population, but 100% of the future

A discussion document on the challenges facing children and young people’s services in London

25% of the population, but 100% of the future

This discussion document follows on from a recently commissioned piece of research to gather feedback on ‘freely accessible’ services for children and young people across four boroughs in London. This ‘think piece’ is being published as a contribution to a much wider debate that is starting to emerge across all sectors working with children & young people about how we can – collectively and thoughtfully – develop and crucially deliver a positive future vision for young Londoners. 

You can download this discussion document here

The research which informed this discussion document was commissioned by London Funders and carried out by Partnership for Young London (funded by London Funders' members City Bridge Trust, BBC Children In Need, John Lyon’s Charity & London Youth) and highlights the challenges facing youth services in London and raises a number of issues for funders, commissioners and others to consider for the future. A summary of this research is available here.

The findings have already been fed into work that London Funders is leading in partnership with London Youth & Partnership for Young London to develop a shared vision for young Londoner’s in 2025.