2014-2020 European Funding in London – Briefing & Opportunities?

A meeting on 3rd November to discuss the 2014 - 2020 programme of ESF. A full meeting report is now available.

A new programme of European Structural Funds (European Social Fund [ESF] & European Regional Development Funds [ERDF] launches later this year, running through to 2020. This EU investment in London totals well over £500m, and when ‘match-funding’ is added over £1 billion. This year, for the first time, the BIG Lottery is also participating as a ‘match funder’ investing up to £75 million in London, with the intention of over 80% of their investment going to London’s voluntary and community sectors. BIG’s investment is due to be targeted at ‘promoting social inclusion and combating poverty.’

The ESF focuses on four key areas: increasing the adaptability of workers and enterprises, enhancing access to employment and participation in the labour market, reinforcing social inclusion by combating discrimination and facilitating access to the labour market for disadvantaged people, and promoting partnership for reform in the fields of employment and inclusion.

This event provided an opportunity for members to:

  • Be briefed on the new round of ESF funding, including an update on the London Enterprise Panel (LEP) strategy and priorities;
  • Consider the opportunities and challenges for London’s voluntary and community sectors to participate in this programme;
  • Hear about the role of BIG Lottery as a match funder; and
  • Think about how other funders may wish to get involved, either as a match funding or in supporting complementary activities.

The agenda included the following presenters:

Alex Conway, European Programmes Director, Greater London Authority
The overview of the London-wide picture.
Presentation here

Sufina Ahmad, Policy and Learning Manager, The Big Lottery Fund
The background of the Fund and Building Better Opportunities (BBA): what the Fund has done so far and the next steps.
Presentation here

Dianna Neal, Head of Economy, Tourism and Culture, London Councils
The role of the London Boroughs within the programme.
Presentation here

Steve Kerr, Policy and Project Manager, LVSC
How the Voluntary and Community Sector have been engaged so far.
Presentation here

Emma Stewart, MBA
Director, Women Like Us; Director, Timewise Foundation; Member of the London Skills and Employment Board

Joining up the information to look at the opportunities and challenges and need for joined up thinking/action


The full notes from the meeting are available here.