Research and Evaluation Network

06 Jun 2018
130 Wood St, London, EC2V 6DL
This group is chaired by Nick Wilsdon, (Learning & Evaluation Manager - Youth Music) and examines questions like:
1 How can we learn from our work, both in terms of grants that we make and activities that we carry out directly?
2 Do we commission research well?
3 How do we use the knowledge generated by our grant recipients?
4 How can we use knowledge to influence?
The next research and evaluation network meeting will feature two presentations.
Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Rhodri Davies (Head of Policy, Charities Aid Foundation) on blockchain for social impact. Click here to read more about how blockchain technology could revolutionise charitable giving. In addition,  Mary McKaskill (Senior Analyst, Project Oracle) will discuss her work with children and youth organisations to help them produce and learn from higher quality evidence about their interventions. In her presentation, Mary will talk about Project Oracle’s work in the children and youth sector and what has been learnt so far from both the process working with charities to self-evaluate and the evidence produced. For more information, click here for a full agenda. 
Email Geraldine to book a place at the session.