Children and Young People Network Meeting

25 Apr 2018
314 - 320 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8DP
London Funders established a Children & Young People Network Group in response to growing concerns from its membership about the way that the funding landscape for children and young people services across London is changing. In particular reductions in public sector funding appears to be having a significant impact on the provision of services across London.
The group will provide a forum for funders in London, and other key stakeholders, to:
  • Assess the current landscape of funding for children and young people’s services across London, and how this has changed and is likely to change in the immediate future;
  • Identify areas of concern to funders and to those they fund arising from this changing funding landscape;
  • Highlight and showcase examples of innovation in funding and commissioning practice that is seeking to tackle these concerns;
  • Facilitate collaboration and partnerships across funders, and between funders and other stakeholders;
  • Consider the strategic funding needs of children and young people’s services in London, and seek to create a consensus within London for a more strategic response to those funding needs;
  • Explore in detail specific issues and initiatives.

More information about the meeting on 25/04 will be available soon. In the meantime, email Geraldine to book a place.