Policy News, E-Bulletin March 2017

Breaking down the barrier between philanthropy and commerce- Alliance, February 2017

Government finances are stretched to the brink of insolvency and charities, reliant on a donation-based funding model, are wholly ill-equipped to fill the gap. History teaches us that human beings are wonderfully resourceful when their backs are against the wall, and we believe we are witnessing just such a moment.
By breaking down the barrier between philanthropy and commerce, social impact investment has the potential to transform modern capitalism and unleash it as a force for good.

Campaigning in an era of political shifts- NPC, February 2017

We are seeing a sea change in the political landscape across the US, Europe and the UK. What does this mean for philanthropists who thought they had a favourable wind behind them, and are now suddenly facing a hurricane from the opposite direction?

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The Critical Role of Community Action in Public Service Reform- Collaborate, February 2017

Collaborate has heard from from an impressive array of community leaders on projects supporting and catalysing local action with (and without) the support of local public sector bodies; from Reclaim the Lanes, a project to create vibrant community space in the back lanes in the West End of Newcastle to FeedFinder, a location based review service created by Digital Civics for breastfeeding mothers to rate and review breastfeeding-friendly locations.

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Justice Secretary launches new prison and probation service to reform offenders- Ministry of Justice, February 2017

A new frontline service focused on reforming offenders and cutting crime will launch in April 2017, Justice Secretary Elizabeth Truss announced.

·         Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) to replace National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

·         new service will be responsible for rolling out government’s reform programme to reduce reoffending and protect the public

·         the service will launch new leadership programme and new promotion opportunities for staff

·         changes backed by additional £100 million to boost frontline by an extra 2,500 staff

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Policing Within a System- Police Foundation, February 2017

Policing is being pulled in two different directions.  On the one hand the internet has enabled crime to escape the bounds of local places and the scope of the police forces that serve them.  On the other hand many of the public safety issues the police face have become more complex requiring greater local knowledge and engagement.

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Response to the Review of the Social Value Act- NCVO, February 2017

Minister for civil society, Rob Wilson MP, has announced there is to be another review of the Social Value Act.

Precise details about the scope of the review are still emerging, but we understand it will involve working with innovators and leaders in social value to evaluate progress made since Lord Young’s Review in 2015 (which NCVO contributed to) in order to help shape the next phase of implementing the Act.

NCVO welcomes the review, which makes good on Lord Young’s recommendation that government conduct a follow up evaluation of the Act two years after his initial report.

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Social innovation – the last and next decade- NESTA, February 2017

Social innovation is not a new concept or practice, but in the last decade it has taken off. There are now hundreds of social innovation centres, funds, courses and incubators of all kinds, most of which didn’t exist 10 years ago. 

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