Other London News- April 2017

Freesport Summary

A Summary of the Olympic Sports Legacy Programme and its outcreach

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London’s Datastore and Dashboard Update

Datastore highlights this month:

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London’s Economy Today- GLA, February 2017

  • Bank of England raises UK growth forecast for 2017.
  • Inflation showing highest reading since June 2014.
  • London in a strong position to face challenges of Brexit

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Neighbourhood Planners London- Bulletin- Neighbourhood Planners London, March 2017

Enjoy the latest Neighbourhood Planners.London Bulletin with information about their latest events and mapping exercises.

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Plans to return full democratic accountability to Tower Hamlets- DCLG, March 2017

All powers could be returned to Tower Hamlets council following a 2-year intervention by central government, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has announced.

Mr Javid said the council had made “steady progress” – but warned that he would continue to keep a close eye on the borough over the next 18 months. This would be to ensure taxpayers’ money is put to best use and improvements continue.

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Why London, Why Now?- Unusual Suspects Festival Blog, March 2017

They say, be careful what you wish for. It was Schumpeter who famously made the connection between disruption and innovation. But for we innovators, is this really the disruption we wanted? Perhaps not. But disruption, like innovation, rarely comes to order.

As we peer into the darkness trying to anticipate our uncertain future, there is time to reflect. How did we get here? What lies ahead?

From the perspective of London, both questions are immense – existential even. The Brexit messages, now echoed from across the Atlantic, challenge many of the city’s cherished principles – open; diverse; tolerant. The divisions in our midst – young/old, North/South, urban/rural – as well as the dangers of our own bubbles and silos have been laid bare. Why is the UK capital, so out of kilter with much of the country – England and Wales at least?

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