How to join

Funders of all kinds can become members. Where funding is just a small part of an organisation's work, associate membership is available.

Subscription rates are based on annual support of the VCS in London


Full membership 2017

Band 1

Public sector funders, and others over £10 million


Band 2

Funding in London between £7 and £10 million


Band 3

Funding in London between £5 and £7 million


Band 4

Funding in London between £3 and £5 million


Band 5

Funding in London between £1 and £3 million



Band 6

Funding in London under £1 million


Associate membership 2017
Organisations whose work in funding the VCS is not their main activity, may join as Associates for a fee of £500, and are able to participate in all London Funders events but not to vote.

Company membership 2017

£500 for those companies working nationally/internationally
£750 for those companies working in London only

Download a PDF version of our 2017 membership form.
Download a Word version of our 2017 membership form.

Please complete this form and send to the London Funders team by email or post. 

For any enquiries into membership, please contact Geraldine, 020 7255 4488.

Please note that we have held subscriptions at 2011 levels for a sixth year