Funding News- March 2017

4 ways grant-making foundations can make terrible decisions- Philanthropy Daily, February 2017

If you work for a charitable foundation, you probably don’t get a lot of negative feedback from your grantees or applicants. They feel indebted to you and want to stay on your good side, so they usually aren’t going to tell you when they feel that you or your staff are being a pain in the neck. Which is a problem because, as a charitable foundation, you only fulfill your mission when your grantees are fulfilling theirs.

As a neutral party, therefore, the below rules will tell you what your grantees won’t.

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From Humble Beginnings: A look back on GMN history- Grant Managers Network, February 2017

We are moving beyond traditional networking and becoming influencers of organizational impact.  We are continually addressing how the work we do affects an organization’s ability to meet its mission.  We are coming out of the back office and are the inspired change makers leading our organizations into the 21st Century.

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New initiative to boost disadvantaged groups in work- DWP, February 2017

An employer toolkit to help businesses recruit and retain more single parents and care leavers has been launched. People from disadvantaged groups face challenges that many others do not – such as having to work around childcare requirements, lack of formal qualifications or gaps in their employment history. Ministers want to help more people from these groups to get into lasting employment and reap the benefits that come from work.

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A New Paradigm: Toward a User-Centred Social Sector- Stanford Social Innovation Review, February 2017

How the social sector might transform from a market for funding to a market for social impact. In the simplest possible terms, it’s all very well to focus on doing what’s most important and most effective to help those you aim to serve, but if that doesn’t align with what foundations, philanthropists, and other funders want you to do, you can’t even get off the starting blocks.

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Pilot grants now open for £1.8 million fund through NPC led impact management programme- NPC, February 2017

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) announces the launch of £1.8 million in grant funding available to charities and social enterprises over the next year and a half through the Impact Management Programme.

The Impact Management Programme aims to bolster the abilities of charities, social enterprises and community businesses to manage their impact. This means analysing and responding to impact data—using it to change and improve programmes and services day-to-day.

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